Dependable Cone Crushers for Processing Materials and Quarry Work

When you’re in the mining, quarrying or aggregate production business, you’ll end up with a lot of raw material left over from each project. Instead of trying to find a way to dispose of it, you can use our cone crushers to turn the feed material into other products. The different product sizes created using our cone crushers will be easy to sell to other businesses or to reuse for your own wide range of applications.

How Cone Crushers Work

A cone crusher is a cost-efficient way to compress large materials into smaller pieces. This type of system has one moving piece of steel and one stationary piece of steel. The moving piece squeezes or pushes the feed material into the stationary piece. This breaks up the raw materials into smaller products due to the rotation of the moving piece creating a large amount of force.

As the pieces break up, they’re filtered out of the crushing chamber and sorted by size. The process makes it easier overall to separate products and sell them. In the quarrying and aggregate production industries, this is considered to be a tertiary crushing stage. It yields small and fine materials, including small rocks, pebbles and a fine silt or sand type of material.

Industries That Benefit From Using Cone Crushers

Many industries benefit from having a rented or purchased cone crusher on site. Asphalt and concrete companies use cone crushers in tertiary applications. They may break apart old concrete, haul it to their processing facility, break it apart and reuse the raw materials for their next project. The mining industry also uses cone crushers. Mineral processing and aggregate handlers are some of the top purchasers of cone crushers.

Uses of Cone Crushers

After intermediate crushing of aggregate or rock has taken place with a jaw crusher, we recommend using a cone crusher for tertiary applications. This tertiary crushing allows you to create small and fine particle sizes.

The small rock sizes can be sold to landscapers, soil and erosion control companies, local governments and private citizens who are creating a path, water feature, trail or more. They’re also in high demand from concrete and asphalt construction companies. The fine powder can be used in the production of new concrete.

Murrysville Machinery Company

Since 1987, we’ve provided high-quality stationary and mobile cone crushers for the aggregate industry and mining applications. When you’re ready to increase your production capacity and maximize the use and profits from your raw materials, we’re here to help.

Our skilled customer service team is ready to answer all of your questions about the service life, energy consumption, operating cost and range of applications of our cone crushing equipment. We stand behind all of our durable crushers, and we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all equipment rentals and purchases.

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