Murrysville Machinery is a leading provider of equipment and services to the mining and process industries. We offer an extensive range of screening, crushing, grinding, conveying, and other equipment for processing minerals or other materials from beginning to end. 

Our products meet the specific needs of multiple industries, ranging from primary production to secondary recovery with applications in coal preparation plants, coal washing plants, ore processing mills, mineral dressing plants, and many others.

Here are some common questions about deck screeners and how they can help you move your industrial project forward.

What Does a Deck Screener Do?

A deck screen is a type of screening equipment used for grading materials by size. It consists of a rectangular frame raised off the ground and one or more decks that can move up to make smaller pieces fall through gaps in the bottom deck onto an underlying surface. 

When working in a production environment, deck screens usually get used to separate particles of different sizes. For example, the screen can get set up so that the openings between blades vary across height and width. 

These settings allow for a more controlled separation than other screening processes such as vibrating screens or shaker tables which rely on material flowing through an open mesh to sort desired materials from unwanted materials.

There are multiple types of industrial screener types available, including screen decks, H-Incline screens, trommel screeners, two-deck screeners, and two deck scalper screeners. Each of these types of screeners works best in specific applications, and it is essential to consider the application before purchasing a screening machine.

In applications such as recycling, packaging must be considered when screening materials as well. For example, packages may need to be large enough for the material getting screened or small enough so that they can easily pass through the screen deck without becoming stuck on top of other packages. 

How Is a Deck Screener Used?

A deck screener plays a vital role in numerous industries, including mining, agriculture, recycling, and mineral processing. 

For example, in the mining process, a deck screener is used to remove oversized ore from an area of the material. It can be set up so that all particles smaller than the desired size fall through gaps in the bottom deck onto an underlying surface, and larger pieces get forced back into downstream processing machinery. 

Deck screens also commonly separate materials for sorting recycled items, including plastic and paper. 

The deck screener consists of a series of horizontal decks, which get mounted on the side of an open-sided rectangular frame. The top and bottom decks have a wire mesh that operators and owners can adjust to change the size (or grade) of material passing through it. 

Why Buy a Deck Screener From Murrysville Machinery?

Deck screens work well for a wide range of purposes. For example, they can separate specific materials, such as plastics and paper, in recycling centers or ores from the mine site. Deck screens also have an essential role in screening particles that need further processing after being found during drilling studies. 

At Murrysville Machinery, our knowledgeable and experienced staff can help you to determine which industrial screener is best suited for your purposes. We have a wide range of deck screens on offer, from our low-priced and high-capacity models to those that are designed specifically for pharmaceutical applications.

As a proud American company with nearly 40 years of experience in the mining industry, you can rely on our product knowledge and industry expertise to help you sort through materials more efficiently than ever before!

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