Impact Crushers: How They Work and Industries That Need Them

If you work in the mining or mineral processing industry, processing large amounts of raw material becomes second nature. The sizes of these raw materials need to be reduced before they’re sold to other companies for use in manufacturing other products. Impact crushers can make quick work of these raw materials.

Impact crushers can reduce the size of medium-sized and large rocks with mechanical force. Some of these crushers are portable, while others are stationary. Read on to learn more about the range of uses and benefits that come with impact crushers.

What Impact Crushers Can Do

There are many types of crushers that are used to reduce the different sizes of raw materials. Most of these crushers utilize high pressure when minimizing the dimensions of these materials. However, an impact crusher works a bit differently. 

An impact crusher reduces the sizes of raw materials by breaking them apart. It does this by rapidly and continuously striking the material whose size needs to be reduced. These crushers have durable plates that come together to crush these materials. These plates move up and down to efficiently break down the materials that are fed into the impact crusher.

Use Cases for Impact Crushers

  • Construction companies can use impact crushers to make coarse aggregates that they will later use when constructing roads. They can also use these aggregates when carrying out pipe-laying projects.
  • Recycling companies can use impact crushers to re-melt and recycle glass. People can use recycled glass to make new products.
  • Quarrying companies can use impact crushers to reduce the sizes of the quarried materials. For instance, they can use these crushers to break down rock salt. The resulting rock salt can be used on snowy roads.
  • Mining companies can use impact crushers to break down the extracted minerals into much smaller pieces for processing or transport.
  • Demolition companies can use these crushers to break down waste like asphalt and concrete. The resulting products can be used to make gravel for road construction.

Murrysville Machinery Company

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