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Conveyors were first designed for work around 1795. They have been refined quite a bit over the past 225 years in order to meet the needs of a variety of industries and applications. Powerful engines provide the energy for the conveyors, allowing businesses to get more done and reduce manual labor needs. They transport goods from one place to another, including items that are difficult or dangerous to move by hand. When your business needs to move a lot of items from one place to another, our industrial conveyor rentals for portable conveyors are a wise choice.

What Industrial Conveyors Are

Industrial conveyors make use of conveyor belts and pulleys driven by an engine. They can be set up anywhere at a job or construction site. By allowing for a constant flow of loose materials, they make it possible to conduct 24/7 operations. They also offer high rates of speed and can transport heavy or bulky items over a considerable distance. They can transport materials uphill, downhill or across uneven terrain. They are essential if your industry involves freight or boats. Because standard belt sizes range from 24 to 60 inches, they can be used for raw materials, boxed goods, pallets and other types of items. They can be raised or lowered with hydraulics, adding to their flexibility and ease of use. The types of industrial conveyors include the following:

  • Radial stackers: These are typically for stockpiling the products of mines.
  • Overland conveyors: These cover large distances at ground or above-ground level.
  • Transfer conveyors: This type of conveyor elevates or declines products.
  • Pit conveyors: These specialize in transporting items from deep pits.
  • Rail car loading and unloading conveyors: These offer a constant material flow over a long distance at a rail yard.
  • Barge loading and unloading conveyors: This conveyor allows for quick loading and unloading onto a docked boat.

Benefits of Renting Instead of Buying an Industrial Conveyor

There are many benefits of renting the industrial conveyor you need instead of buying one. If you need to ramp up production at your demolition, mining or construction site, having an extra conveyor available when you need it makes it easier to increase productivity. If you are unsure of which conveyor brand is the right one for your application, renting one allows you to get a feel for its features and performance. If you want equipment that has the latest technology and features, renting it may be more affordable than buying it. You wouldn’t have to pay as much out-of-pocket in order to access the best conveyor systems.

For all your industrial conveyor needs and questions, feel free to contact our experienced team here at Murrysville Machinery Company!

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