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As a heavy equipment contractor, we know that investing in these large pieces of equipment can cost quite a bit of money. It’s not like you can go to the corner hardware store, pick one up, and go to work. These machines often cost upwards of half a million dollars. Therefore, it’s a legitimate business decision whether to buy, lease, or rent your equipment. Industrial crushers in particular are used in recycling, mining, rock quarries, and minerals processing.

What Are Industrial Crushers?

Industrial crushers are heavy equipment that use a significant amount of force to break apart material into separate, smaller pieces. Industrial crushes are often just one component in a material-handling operation. These behemoths can handle all types of materials, including large rocks.

Types of Industrial Crushers

There are several types of industrial crushers. We sell and rent four of these types:

  • Jaw
  • Cone
  • VSI: Vertical Shaft Impactors
  • HSI: Horizontal Shaft Impactors

Jaw crushers are often used in the first stage of the material-handling process. They can accommodate very large pieces, reducing them into pieces that are more manageable for other types of crushing and screening equipment.

Cone crushers work by grinding rocks between the cone and a moveable inner core. Large pieces are fed into the top of the cone and the fragments are crushed and then fall out of the smaller end of the cone.

VSI, one type of impact crusher, works by using centrifugal force to spin a breaker bar against the material at high speed within the center chamber. Material is fed from the top and then falls vertically through the center with the smaller pieces then exiting the bottom of the VSI.

HSI, another variety of impact crusher, utilizes the same process as the VSI, except materials move from side to side in the process, not from top to bottom.

Industrial crushers vary in crushing power, and some include both crushing and screening features. Some are better for rocks, and others handle softer materials more effectively.

How Can Industrial Crusher Rentals Benefit Contractors?

While purchasing or leasing equipment makes sense if you’re building a facility where material handling is all that you do, for the contractor who works on a job site, renting a crusher would likely make much more sense. The equipment can be delivered quickly and set up where the raw materials are being harvested, decreasing the time it takes to process. This makes the marketable material available more quickly.

Renting is also a viable option when you temporarily need additional equipment to meet increased demand. Renting can also be a quick way to replace equipment that has broken down and will take a long time to repair or permanently replace. Renting also satisfies demand for specific material handling needs that fall outside the typical work that your company does.

Our rentals are available from our fleet of high-quality, heavy-duty industrial crushers. We offer the four types described above, and we offer flexible rental terms. Contact us today for a quote so you can get started with your next job.

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