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An industrial shredder is any shredder that can be used in an industrial setting, rather than your everyday consumer setting. Industrial shredders are large-scale machines used to shred heavy-duty materials, usually on construction sites or in factories. When discussing shredders, most people think of paper shredders, which are usually found in a business office setting. However, unlike paper shredders, industrial shredders are not small and easily portable, and they are not only used to shred small amounts at a time.

With paper shredders, only so many pieces of paper can be shredded at one time. With industrial shredders, an entire tree and tree stump can be shredded at once, for example. Let’s talk about why it’s much more efficient to rent an industrial shredder as opposed to purchasing one. But first, we need to break down what industrial shredders are and what they do.

Industrial Shredders

Industrial shredders are used to greatly minimize the size of different types of heavy-duty materials. These high-powered machines can destroy the toughest and largest debris in different types of environments with maximum efficiency. With that in mind, the type of industrial shredder needed depends on the type of material that will be shredded. All waste is NOT created equally. Since the hardness of materials differs, the blade of the industrial shredder used on different materials must differ as well.

Many manufacturers distinguish shredders by the type of materials they shred, such as metal shredders, plastic shredders, tire shredders, scrap aluminum shredders, wood shredders, and so on. Commonly shredded industrial materials include tires, metals, car wreckage, wood, plastics, leathers, and garbage. These amazing, high-quality machines can even shred a whole car with the correct size and design of the industrial shredder.

Why Should I Rent Instead of Buy?

Renting a shredder can be much more beneficial than buying in the long run. Especially for companies with high volumes of materials that need to be shredded, renting a shredder can take the headache out of machine maintenance. If your regular unit is undergoing maintenance, you can receive a quick replacement so the productivity of the business is not hindered.

Heavy-duty shredders continuously evolve. That being said, with a wide variety of shredder rentals like ours usually provide the opportunity for companies to have the latest-model equipment at a reasonable price. Late-model equipment will give the company access to the most recent product features, ultimately reducing commercial project completion times and creating a safer work environment. Renting is also extremely beneficial when companies with larger volume projects have a lot of heavy-duty shredding to do at once.

New heavy-duty shredders can have a price well into six figures, sometimes closer to seven, depending on the shredding machine. Used ones are a gamble because you never really know what quality you’re getting until it breaks down on you. Renting shredders for your company will increase productivity while still saving the company money. The possibility of a break-down is less of a risk because, besides regular maintenance, the machine rental company has to replace the equipment if it is faulty.

Financially, renting from a company like ours would let you come out on top by saving a large sum of money from renting as opposed to buying. Here at Murrysville Machinery, we have your company’s best interest in mind, with competitive prices and high-quality equipment. Our machinery experts are ready and waiting to provide quality products and services for your projects, no matter how large or small.

For all your industrial shredder needs and questions, feel free to contact our experienced team at Murrysville Machinery Company!

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