Reliable Jaw Crushers for Quarry Work and Processing Materials

When you’re in the quarry and material processing industry, you’ll end up with raw materials that are bigger than you can easily use or sell. In this case, you need the mechanical pressure delivered by jaw crushers to break things down. They can handle all kinds of material and rock types, and they turn big pieces into smaller products that are more widely useful to your business partners. At Murrysville Machinery, we offer a range of jaw crushers that deliver maximum strength, durability and reliability.

How Jaw Crushers Work

Jaw crushers use mechanical force to break large materials into smaller pieces. A stationary jaw crusher has two jaws. Hydraulic power moves one of the jaws toward the other. The pressure between the jaws breaks the large pieces of material.

We offer single-toggle and double-toggle crushers. Choose from wheel-portable, track-mounted or stationary jaw crushers. Other types of crushers use cones, plates or cages and a moving shaft to squeeze and grind the material into smaller pieces.

Uses of Jaw Crushers

Our primary crusher has many uses in the quarrying and materials processing industries. In materials processing, it can be used to break up aggregate, concrete and other materials into smaller rocks, pebbles or powders that can be reused or recycled. 


The crushed material could be used to form new concrete for a street, foundation or sidewalk. You can also use them to market secondary materials collected through quarrying and materials processing. 


You may have a client in the landscaping business. They may be able to sell different sizes of rocks for use in ponds and water features, garden paths and more. Jaw crushers can also be used to break up materials for use in drainage systems and the construction industry. 


The crushed rocks, stone and concrete are used in road maintenance and construction, creating trails, protecting shorelines from erosion and building the foundations and blocks of concrete buildings. 


You may be surprised to discover that chicken feed producers can be a reliable market for tiny pieces of crushed stone created by our tough jaw crushers.

Murrysville Machinery Company

Since 1987, Murrysville Machinery has provided high-quality construction equipment for material processing and quarry work. We stand behind our equipment, and we’re always available to answer any questions you have about our wide range of products. With a large in-stock selection, you won’t have to wait long for the jaw crusher, accessories or other tools you need to meet your production goals. 

Our customer care team puts your satisfaction as our top priority, and we’re always available to answer any questions you have. We’ll deliver the equipment to your location at the time and date of your choice. Our rapid response time, quality products and durable equipment make us the right choice for jaw crushers and more. Contact us today for additional details about renting or buying our jaw crusher systems or to place an order.

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