2019 Buffalo Turbine Monsoon Diesel Dust / Odor Controller


60 Mo. Capital Lease Estimated
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2019 Buffalo Turbine Monsoon Diesel Dust / Odor Controller

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The Monsoon Dust / Odor Controller Diesel is another industry first brought to you by Buffalo Turbine. The 3-Cylinder Liquid-Cooled Kohler Diesel Engine allows for portable dust / odor control with the luxury of a fuel type that is common in these industries. This machine is equipped with 270 degree oscillation as well as several fail-safe features that protect the life of the machine. Also, the Dust / Odor Controller Controller Diesel DOES NOT employ nozzle tips; therefore plugging is not an issue with the proprietary rotary atomizing nozzle. This lightweight and portable design makes this machine the perfect fit for any dust or odor issue.

The Buffalo Turbine Dust / Odor Controller Diesel is designed to immediately control and suppress dust and odor in industrial or commercial applications. Improve air quality, lower health risks, and help to maintain environmental compliance by implementing the Buffalo Turbine Monsoon at your work site.

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