KPI-JCI 5044-32S Fine Material Washer

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KPI-JCI 5044-32S Fine Material Washer


KPI-JCI 5044-32S Fine Material Washer

Our fine material washers deliver extreme productivity when and where producers need it. Engineered with
high-efficiency drives, the resulting low-horsepower requirement reduces operating costs while increasing
throughput, ensuring your operation runs efficiently and profitably.


Feed Material Size – minus 3/8”

Angle of Operation – 18.5

Capacity – up to 175 tph

Shaft Speed – up to 17 rpm

Water Requirements – up to 1500 gpm

Operational Dim. 35’7” long x 12’2” wide x 15’3” high


Approx. Dead Load = 14,700 lbs.

Approx. Live Load = 44,800 lbs.

Approx. Total Load = 59,500 lbs.

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